Monday, February 21, 2011

Still love the real Selection Sunday


While the online word discusses technology integration, Mock Congresses, video’s for APUSH, and the Wisconsin debacle, my attention is pointed towards the website for the North Coast Section.  That’s right folks, it’s Selection Sunday!

While the nationally recognized event has to do with Division 1 college basketball, the more local Northern California event has to due with the selection of basketball teams from each section of the state; the North Section (north of Sacramento and the Sacramento Valley), the Sac-Joaquin Section (Sacramento to Napa to Merced), the Central Coast Section (the Bay Area peninsula to Monterey), the San Francisco City Section (duh), the Oakland Metro Section (another duh), and the North Coast Section (East Bay north to the Oregon border).  Each section separates into six divisions based on population:

199 or below= D6, 200-419= D5, 420-899= D4, 900-1,449= D3, 1,450-1,999=D2, and 2,000 and above= D1.

Ukiah is Division 2, and I was sitting here waiting for the final bracket release for the North Coast Section, furiously hitting F5 like some Woot-off geek hoping for the next great deal.  Sure enough, the moment arrived and the mighty Wildcats will be taking a trip to face, well, the other Wildcats.  Tuesday night will be a trek to Dougherty Valley High School in San Ramon, about a three hour drive to the East Bay (Bay Area).  It’ll be a fun experience for the kids; heading out of town to begin the journey towards what could be a state title.  It’ll also be a long night for the coaches, and the one coach who happens to be a teacher at the school.  Bed will probably be a 1 a.m. goal, with wake-up for Wednesday school being four hours later.  Hopefully the adrenalin will wear down an hour into the bus ride back and I can put the headphones in with my White Noise app putting me into a slumber.

Play-offs are most fun for the kids, the kind of memories that they will remember for a long, long while.  Most teams will be doing something else Tuesday evening.  We’ll be hooping it up.  

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