Sunday, January 23, 2011

Skins represents everything wrong with society’s views on teens


The most interesting thing about this post is the perceptions you have about the subject matter based on the title.  You’re probably thinking that I think Skins is bad because it promotes sex and drug use.  You’re probably thinking that I think Skins will lead to the end of teenage morals; that every 16 year old will try meth, participate in a gang bang with the Glee Club, and walk through your screen door at five in the morning nearly passed out.  You would be wrong.  Skins isn’t shocking.  Skins isn’t immoral.  Skins is not the end of the world. 

Skins sucks.

That’s right.  While the Parents Television Council scream "kiddie porn”, while Taco Bell pulls commercials in fear, and while some of the Skins teenage stars insist the show represents the modern teen mind, we fail to notice that the show is a steaming pile of dog shit.  Seriously, it is bad.  It’s Gossip Girl in suburbia, only it isn’t witty, the acting is awful, and it is nowhere near close to resembling a show that deals with teenage angst.  Skins is a weak ass attempt to draw kids into an attempted representation of a teenage fantasy; where every kid wants to screw over their parents, experience a lesbian tryst, and focus on finding out who they are by breaking every comprehensible law and moral code. 

And while there are kids that might fit this description, the idea that the majority of teens in America fit this model is absolute crap.  Like societies view on Education, the focus is on a false reality that doesn’t represent the truth.  But  society pays attention to idiotic sources for information: the Parents Television Council, MTV, and glorified news outlets like Drudge.  Eventually parents blame every possible outlet except themselves, and why not.  Parents are constantly being told by society that they don’t really need to raise their kids; television, the Internet, and a million other “advocacy” groups will do it for them.  Don’t worry about value structures, because Jersey Shore is right there.  Don’t worry about work ethic, because their friends will help them with that.  And don’t worry about education.  Teachers will make it happen.

In a week where I have been frustrated with the lack of responsibility by parents dealing with kids, Skins was the cherry on top of the cake.  The incessant maneuvering by parents to provide umpteen safety nets for kids because lack of parenting has become a drain on teaching.  More and more I’m finding myself questioning if all of this is truly worth it if parents don’t have the mind to actually tell kids that they need to be more than they are now.  The constant pawning off of parental responsibility to every other possible entity is sickening and is creating a generation whose only powerful thinking for themselves revolves around the multi-tasking atmosphere of pseudo-homework, Facebook, Lil Wayne, Instant Messaging, and texting.  And when the most important part of the multi-tasking becomes too difficult (kinda like parents actually saying “no”), the teen is given a safety net like Independent Study.  Wow, a diploma generated from mounds of packet work.  Now there is a student you going to really be a productive member of society.  Parents get the safety net too.  Don’t want to tell your kids what to watch?  Then get incensed at the world at the behest of the Parents Television Council.  That way, you can’t be responsible for your child and shove the job of values on the rest of the village.  And I realize that after that entire rant, you have the same question as I do…

Who the fuck is the Parents Television Council?

Exactly.  And in the end, teenagers are still seeking the guidance and structure of their parents, thirsting for it so badly but at the same time being allowed to slide down the path of least resistance.  You know that that creates?  A future  that will come up with something as dumb as Skins.                

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