Saturday, January 08, 2011

My return week

-Arrive to forlorn faces and questions of “What’s my final grade”.  So much for having everyone’s grade available online.
-Begin Economics with the “Marshmellow Test” and choice.  Tell students that Economics is the single greatest class they will ever take. 
-Fight lightsaber battle with two students at the end of the day. I am victorious.
-Grade until 10:30.  Grades due Wednesday.
-Stress, stress, and more stress about getting grades done.
-Forgot to create PDF’s for my PPT’s on Edmodo, thus incurring the wrath of my students.
-Look at the Economics of fat Americans.
-Get wind that a union negotiator is throwing a tantrum.  Good for a laugh.
-Did I mention that I was stressed about grades?
-Discuss the multiple injuries Lance Armstrong would have if he ate it during the Tour de France.
-Short practice because of girl’s game.  Our defense is pretty good.  That pleases me.
-Grade until near midnight. Looking at some of the grades, I wonder why I stress at all.
-Yea, the grades are not done, and I have until midnight tonight.  I’ll grade essays at Cardinal Newman during the varsity game.  Sure, that will happen.
-My prep is full of phone calls and student crisis. I got 4 out of 5 classes done.
-I go the registrar and beg for mercy.
-Played Cardinal Newman. Had three good quarters……and one with 14 turnovers.  Kinda like saying that we diffused all the bombs except one. 
-Did not grade a single thing at the varsity game.  Figured I’ll do it when I get home.  Sure, that will happen.
-Listened to the usual, “Start the tractor” chant from the Newman student section.  
-Drove students home.  Had to listen to conversation about how Dwight Howard is as good as Shaq and Bill Russell were.  Spent moments wondering if I could get away with dropping said students on the side of the road.  Home and bed at eleven…..not grading anything.
-Feel horrid that I didn’t get the grades done, will finish during prep.
-Wear funny looking “Economic Reasoning” glasses, and tell my students that they are no longer victims.
-Students make obscure fascists statements on Reconstruction assignment, which draws looks of distain from everyone else.
-Had union president tell us during lunch to change our union rep (not the tantrum one) for no good reason. We unanimously voted to tell our union president that democracy is better then their attempt at portraying Vladimir Putin.
-Grades finally done, and now I want to collapse.
-After practice that is, which felt like the best all season.
-Watched all of Caprica at home, and was glad it is over.
-Bed at reasonable hour.
-Gave assignment that said “express feelings and creativity”.  One student replied, “This isn’t like you”.
-Outstanding comparative analysis of the United States government.
-The second student this year came into AP U.S. History from another school and said “I don’t know what an FRQ (Free Response Question) is”.
-Spent Economics talking about the Factors of Production involved in making a pizza. All the students got hungry and cursed me for talking about pizza.
-I called everyone that liked pineapple on pizza a Communist.
-Homemade Clam Chowder for lunch from the school cafeteria.  It is the second best I’ve tasted next to Spud Point in Bodega Bay.  I kid you not.
-I find out the County Office of Education lost my student loan forgiveness paperwork…..two months ago.
-I then find out that it wouldn’t have mattered because to get your loans forgiven, your school has to suck.  We don’t suck enough.  Yes, I realize that sounds bad.
-By the way, we are in the fifth year of Program Improvement, but my school is not bad enough that I can’t get some help on my student loans?  Fuck off No Child Left Behind.
-Go to Starbucks and find out that a former student was promoted in Governor Jerry Brown’s office.  I leave Starbucks beaming.
-Basketball game where the energy is there along with the turnovers.  We lose.  And the knife in my gut turns and turns and turns…..
-Wife shows up and watches the game.  She brought dinner and is cool as hell.
-Upbeat announcing of varsity games is tough after a loss.  Do it anyway.
-We have a player named Cesar Mendoza.  Santa Rosa has a player named Nolan Chavez.    I announced that Cesar Chavez is at the free throw line.  The crowd has a good laugh and I get the urge to eat table grapes.
-After-game drink at a local pub.  I face-palm most of the night but get drinks bought for me.  Meet parents of some of my students.  Try to be upbeat.
-Go home and writhe in bed for an hour thinking about the loss.  Asleep at around 12:30.
-Wake up, make a practice plan to work on turnovers during the week, and gain some perspective.  I have another 25 years of this so I might as well kiss my wife good morning and chill out.
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