Saturday, December 25, 2010

Daily quizzes?

So my APUSH class had a simple request.  They would rather we have daily quizzes that covered about 4-6 pages instead of the normal twice a week quizzes that covered about 15 pages.  I acquiesced during the final couple of weeks of the semester and found out that, sure enough, grades on quizzes rose a bit.  So let's look at a cost/benefit analysis of daily quizzes. 

-Missed time on instruction and activities.  Daily quizzes will eat up around 10-12 minutes every day.
-Students that don't do the reading will get behind quick. 
-It doesn't emulate a real college environment.  You hardly have daily classes, and the reading is much more than 5 pages before the next class.

-You can catch students that are behind quicker.
-Grades will probably go up.
-More assignments means that there is more flexibility for "bad days".

I can't really gauge the cost/benefit of long term information retention.  When it comes to it, those students that study, work on writing, and join study groups will retain more information for a longer period of time. 

Your thoughts?
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