Monday, December 20, 2010

Been awhile

Notice that when basketball season started, I faded away.  Can’t help it really.  14 hour days do that to me.

I’m in a motel right now in Fairfield, California, sitting on my bed after watching 10 basketball players frolic in the motel pool for an hour.  We are participating in the Napa JV Tournament and Fairfield was the cheapest hotel rate I could find for so many kids with breakfast included.  While we are 1-1, the kids are actually having a blast.  We beat Napa the first night and lost to a private school called Justin-Siena.  After a flat first half, we staged a comeback to tie it up, only to lose it after a follow up with three seconds left in the game.  Learning experience.  Yesterday we hung out at the mall and took a tour of Jelly Belly factory.  The tour is actually really well done and good for all ages.  Hold on….

See, that’s how it is.  It is now two days later at home and I’m finishing this post.  My last hold was a phone call from kids that wanted to hit the Nike Outlet store in Vacaville, which I obliged.  Then it was off to the tournament and now I’m back home.

Anyway, oh yea, the Jelly Belly factory.  Good tour, but I should be able to take students down using nutritional grant money.  Most of my kids left fascinated by the flavors, but quite disgusted by the amount of chemicals and sugar used in the process.  Sugar, sugar, corn syrup, and more sugar.  It was a great way to get kids aware of what they were ingesting when eating a simple four calories Jelly Belly.

Now that December Madness has passed (basketball tournaments, Finals, Christmas), maybe I can get back to posting.    

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