Wednesday, November 10, 2010

2010 Giants Moment #20: Marty Laurie enters the studio…and doesn’t leave


Most Giants fans don’t know that Marty Laurie has been doing baseball for over a decade, only for the A’s across the San Francisco Bay.  When the A’s station couldn’t find room for Laurie, he moved on over to KNBR 680 and started a serious pre-game and the longest post-game show in the history of radio.

It might seem weird that I included Marty Laurie into my Top 20 Moments.  But what Marty brought was a legitimate post-game show that was minus a lot of the Scott Farrell wannabe’s that dot the Giant Post Game landscape.  Yes, I’m talking about the Mychael Urban’s and F.P. Santangelo’s of sports talk radio.  The yelling and self-promotion got ridiculous, and Marty Laurie brought respect and baseball chat to late-night sports talk radio.  By the way, when I say “late night”, I mean “late night”.  Laurie became known for his Saturday and Sunday evening shows that would could for over five hours.  People were leaving Giants/Dodgers games at Chavez Ravine and pulling into their driveway in San Jose still listening to Marty talking to Bob from Brisbane.  It was a running joke that created and fostered good baseball chatter.

Marty Laurie’s knowledge and respectful passion for the game lends him to a spot in the Top 20.  My wife and I listened to Laurie’s pre and post game on our 2 1/2 hour drives to the ball park and it became part of the ritual of baseball.  When you threw in the excellent interviews (his interview of Bobby Cox was fantastic), Saturday and Sunday mornings all of the sudden became drive-time radio.  On the way to the coast?  Turn on Laurie two hours before game-time.

In the best possible way, he set the table for Giants baseball.   

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