Saturday, November 13, 2010

2010 Giants Moment #19: Stepping back and showing class


I’ll be honest, I boo’ed the shit out of Barry Zito on the Saturday before the clincher against San Diego.  I was so pissed at the walks, the body language, the damn issue of a $126 million dollar fifth starter.  It all came out along with 43,000 other people that expected more from a guy that started the season so well.  Guess what.  He’s a bigger man than I am.  So is Aaron Rowand, Pablo Sandoval, and the numerous guys that took a back seat to players that had a better opportunity at winning a championship.

Don’t get me wrong, I really don’t feel bad about guys that earn multi-million dollar contracts getting playing time.  But it would have been so easy for the Panda to start moping in the slump, for Aaron Rowand to demand to be traded, and for Barry Zito to curse the play-off line-up with a temper tantrum.  But they didn’t.  They treated their demotions like professionals and realized that a greater good was being met by supporting those that were getting the job done.  Regardless of how you thought they played, or the size of their contracts (sunk costs anyway), you had to admire the “team first” attitude displayed by these guys. 

So Barry Zito will still be around, Panda needs to show commitment, and it’s 50-50 that Aaron Rowand is on another team on Opening Day, but it is undeniable that their positive mental contributions were vital to the 2010 World Series run.

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