Friday, August 06, 2010

Back in the Saddle, and the away from the copier

I failed to mention it earlier, but yes, I've already visited the classroom.  On Tuesday of last week I packed up my laptop, grabbed a bunch of books for my room, and headed back to my home away from home, room F-6.

I don't know about your room, but when I return from the summertime a little housekeeping is always in order.  For the most part the custodians (who kindly wax the floor and clean the room) set the desks back almost exactly like I arranged them.  Here and there a few boxes lay out of place, but nothing that 30 minutes can't fix.  My time went something like this:
-Enter classroom around 7:30.  Seem early?  My young cats have me trained for a 6 a.m. wake-up.  I also have my second coffee in hand.
-I enter, put down my bags, plug in my iPhone to the room speakers, and toodle.  I move boxes here and there for about 30 minutes.
-Head off to the main office at about 8:10.  Nearly all the admin and secretarial staff is already there.  Chit-chat with them, look at my final schedule, and head back to class.
-By 8:40 I'm in the full throes of sorting books and prepping textbooks to be handed out.  APUSH and Comp Gov books are going to be needed this year.  However, I'm seriously considering blowing up the Economics book and paring down the use of American Government. 
-By 9:15 I'm at my desk and starting to work on my calendar for this year.  Sure, the beginning of the year is always easier than the previous year, but I can't see how people need one day of prep and then can teach with ease.  I'm throwing in new and better things for the year, and I'm going to be changing around the time at which I teach it.  That takes time. 
-I'm done by around 1 p.m., out of my classroom and satisfied with the half-day's work.

Today I returned to my classroom to again get the jump on what needed to be done.  This time I was scouring the Internet for ideas (something I'll discuss later), continuing to make the calendar, and tweaking week one power points.  I also began the process that puts me in the perfect space for the first day. 

I began to copy.

To avoid the massive crowd around the copy machines and to give myself piece of mind, I start coping like a crazy during the week before school begins.  My syllabus is first, a document that makes everything clear and requires a parent signature.  It then takes a place in the front of their folder/binder/whatever, and is oft-referenced when a rule is broken or a question comes up.  While the document was copying, and I was in the middle of the Golf on my iPhone, I heard the sound no one wants to hear from a piece of technical equipment.  A beep.  I looked at the screen and found the message "Exceeded the amount minimum".  The wave of ice that went through my veins was not pleasant.  Contrary to popular opinion, most students will not go and read everything that is put online, and they must have a paper trail that, if anything, covers the ass of the teacher.  Then there's class hand-outs, tests, etc.  No paper is a sign that the pain is beyond here, it's straight it in my face.

So I don't have my copying even half done, and that isn't good.  Then I received an e-mail that basically said that last years copying cost now double the funds allocated to our site.  Furlough days I can handle.  Not being able to have basic necessities is totally unacceptable.

Dear State of California, you are successfully screwing the students.  Nice job. 
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