Sunday, June 06, 2010

Mr. Silva-Brown's Report Card, Part One "Ratings Game", 2010 edition

I present to you, part one of a three part series that looks at the "graded" Mr. Silva-Brown. At the end of each year I give out a report card with about 15 questions about my performance during the year.
The questions are:
-One a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being excellent), rate Mr. Silva-Brown's teaching this semester.
-Was I well organized?
-Did you understand what was going on?
-Do you think I have improved since September?
-Did you feel safe?
-Were students treated equally with respect?
-Describe your overall experience in the class
-What did I do well?
-What recommendations can you give?
-Give one piece of advice for next years students.

Today, I'll give you the numbers rating. The rating is first, followed by how many students rated me at that level.

Here it is:

Ten- 27
Nine- 39
Eight- 36
Seven- 26
Six- 9
Five- 2

My average is an 8.2, a low B. Down from an 8.7 a year ago, and not my highest from two years ago (8.9).

Interesting note about the comments from the two "4's" and one "3".  The complaints on all of those papers was regarding the enforcement of rules.  Terms "power trip", "totalitarian", and "dictatorship" were used regarding my class policies.  It was funny that those terms were mentioned, because the attendance for my Advanced Placement students was horrendous and by the end of the year I was putting the hammer down.  Two students were late for the Comp Gov final and four students were late for the APUSH final.  I had to get a little nasty with them and by the end of the year, it didn't go over well.  Next year, I'm putting it in writing that students that aren't on time for the Final will have to retake it during Grad Practice, or on Friday when school is out.  I'll say it again to my future AP students.  Want to be treated like adults?  Act like one.
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