Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It represents everything wrong with a teacher’s union

Today union members gave election speeches for the spots on the Adult’s Table within the organization.  One member said it best.

“I believe in unionism.  I am a strong supporter of the union and everything it stands for.”

See, I’m a teacher and I want a teacher to lead the union, not a low level wannabe politician.  Nowhere in the speech did the person focus on the concept of bettering our profession and working towards making our district survive this crisis.  It was all about what we didn’t have, how everyone needed to be heard (a joke coming from this speech), and how the union was vital in the lives of educating students. 

Tell you what, when we lose athletics, electives, and Advanced Placement classes, I’ll be sure to tell my students that it was vital for Ukiah Teacher’s Association to refuse to negotiate for six months.  I’ll then explain how an absolute refusal to consider furloughs, even one day, was vital to their lives, since they really won’t need those teachers that will be laid off instead. 

It’s sick.

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