Saturday, March 20, 2010

Want a job? Try a state take-over district.

The amount of things that are disturbing about this are numerous. 

For those that don’t know, Oakland Unified School district is a shining example of a state takeover resulting in complete failure.  In 2003, the state took over the poorly run district and since then has shown everyone in California that they can’t run it right either.  Err, President Obama?  Knock, knock.  State-takeover does what for low-performing schools?   

Well, the teachers union in Oakland Unified, fed up with contractual negotiations, decided that April 22 is going to be a strike day.  Knowing the history of Oakland Unified, that strike could become much longer.  The Oakland Unified School district has hit the deck running with preparations for the potential strike.  How?  Craigslist of course. 

Emergency Temporary Teachers (Locations: TBA) (Oakland Unified School District)

Date: 2010-03-17, 2:57PM PDT

The Oakland Unified School District serves approximately 40,000 students in 120 schools and child development centers.
In the event of a Work Stoppage, substitute teachers will be needed to teach our students.

Rate of Pay: $300 per day

1. Bachelor’s degree (Original diploma or official transcripts)*
2. Valid Drivers License, Identification Card, Permanent Residency Card or US Passport*
3. Valid Social Security Card*
4. Valid California Teaching Credential or 30-Day Substitute Teacher Permit (Or we will facilitate)*
5. Proof of passing CBEST (or we will facilitate a Waiver)*
6. Proof of TB clearance within the past 60 days*
7. Pass criminal background check (Fingerprinting costs covered by our district)
8. Completed hard-copy of application of employment (Available at Orientation)

  Holy God.  Districts are using Craigslist to find subs for a strike???  They can’t be serious.  Am I wrong or are there a dozen colleges in the Bay Area that probably have access to thousands of young teachers who are interested in getting their feet wet?  And check out numbers four and five, which basically say that the district is willing to waive the some pretty important requirements to stick total strangers in their rooms with kids.  Oh, and FYI, $300 a day is more than I make right now.  In fact, $300 a day is probably over twice the normal sub pay rate.  Someone is going to make a nice day’s pay for working in Oakland.

Not that I’d want to work in Oakland right now.  I haven’t a clue why negotiations are where they are, but something about this district scares the hell out of me.  Maybe it’s the state takeover mentality.  Maybe it’s the history of the district making Ebonics a legitimate language.  Or maybe it’s just the absolute absurdity that a district would choose to reduce a classroom teaching position to a Craigslist post.


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