Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dear Coach Brown, WAKE THE HELL UP!

I think the whole laptop on the bus thing is a bad idea.  I mean, I understand that the laptop computer is about the ability to take the job on the road, but it obviously does a crappy job at preventing distractions. 

For the first time ever I took my laptop on the road to Montgomery High School to finish an AP U.S. History exam.  On the bus I tried to read my APUSH testing book while listening to freshmen gab about nothing-in-particular, and then type questions on the computer.  It didn’t work very well.  Then during the Varsity game, I whipped it out again and tried to finish the test while half paying attention to the varsity game.  It was one of the first times ever that I ditched being on the bench for the varsity game to finish homework.  It sucked and I didn’t even finish the test.  I got back home around 11 p.m. and was up until one in the morning trying to finish up. 

It got worse.

The next day I skimmed the proof-read of the test and then preceded to hand out one of the single worst pieces of trash in the history of the universe.  It was full of typos, and one multiple choice question had the question stem and two answers regarding one subject, and the other three answers regarding another subject entirely.  It was more than embarrassing.  The students gladly pointed out the errors (one makes it his mission to circle every single error), but were quite nice in not rubbing it in.  In the end, I’m always my own worst critic.

So what to do?  I simply apologized and told them I found it bad form that I expected a lot from them and didn’t hold up my end of the bargain.  They understood, I fixed the test immediately (that day), and we moved on.  What else was there to do? 

Finish the damn test before I hit Highway 101, that’s what.     

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