Monday, December 28, 2009


So what's a teacher to do during vacation?  Well, I'm trying to do nothing but it isn't turning out too well.

Basketball season is at a pause, and I happen to like the pause.  Since the first week of November, basketball has dictated so much of my life that I'm actually enjoying the break away from it.  I actually get to sit on the couch not exhausted from my long days, and just relax.  I love basketball, but the other things that surround the sport are draining.  I took the team to Alameda for a three day tournament.  It went off without a hitch, but the planning, the execution of having a dozen kids away for a few days, and the expectations become very tiring.  I left my Tuesday game (a game in which a 20 point lead ended up a 3 point win) with nearly no voice.  I'm also sick.  Ahh, hoop season.

My holiday has been in the car for the most part.  Between Wednesday and Saturday, my wife and I traversed 17 counties and travelled over 1,000 miles in the car.  It was necessary of course, and thankfully my wife and I travel well.  Santa was good to me this year.  Lots of cooking stuff (my new hobby), some good books, and more importantly, time alone with my wife.

School is weighing on me.  I just started to grade papers (stock market projects) and the bad news at the end of Finals Week was that the scantron machine broke.  That means that the first day back of the second semester will be grading Finals, because I'm not going to spend days grading 150 scantron tests.  So besides the projects, I have Econ curves to grade, APUSH essays to read, and a first few weeks of semester two to plan for. 

Also this week; Avatar in 3-D, wine tasting in the Dry Creek Valley, a nice dinner with my wife, and more relaxation. 
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