Monday, December 28, 2009

Staff Member of the Month for December

Student government voted me Staff Member of the Month for December.  Believe it or not, I like this better than a monetary bonus at Christmas.  I teach cynical Seniors and I'm considered "tough", so it means a whole lot to me that students find me a valuable teacher.

What I find interesting is my union's opinions of Staff Member of the Month type of things.  In two meetings that I've attended this year, conversation has came up that certain elementary school faculties refuse to participate with Staff Member of the Month functions because it makes some people feel bad.  The reaction from high school teachers when this argument comes up is one of soft amusement and pity.  "It pits teachers against teachers" is a crap excuse, one that demeans the profession down to the lowest common denominator.   Want to know why we get a bad rap from society?  Calling all of us totally equal is a start.

In the end, not allowing good workers to be recognized breaks about every workplace efficiency and management rule on the books.  It assumes that every worker is the same, when in actuality, they are really quite different.  "Every teacher works hard" is the excuse that is given in unions regarding equity.  It's bullshit of course.  Not every teacher works hard, and not every teacher is a good teacher.  And no, I'm not talking about the rooks that are trying to find their way in the profession, I'm talking about the "cash it in, I want to be on the golf course for twilight rates" kind of teacher.  With all due respect, I don't like to be on par with those types of teachers, it demeans me.
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