Sunday, November 08, 2009

Legalize Marijuana, watch your kids go to pot

"Legalize it and tax it". 

That's the argument that is constantly stated by those people that think that weed is the answer to the woes of society. 

Those that actually believe this are liars.  I am living in a town where marijuana is basically legal and society is slowly but surely crumbling away from reality. 

First off, you aren't going to be able to tax anything.  When all it takes is a little drip irrigation and a decent green thumb, everyone that wants to grow it will simply grow it, not buy it with the burden of paying a tax.  And if you actually think someone is going to enforce taxing growers, guess what, authorities can't control anything as it is, they sure as hell aren't going to deal with taxation.

Then there is the school.  Startling numbers came out this week and they spread like wildfire around the campus. 

The number of students expelled for drug use and/or distribution is now more than all of last year, and it is getting worse.  I talked to various people that called the problem "epidemic", and when you are in a town that accepts the culture, how do you deal with this?

A few of us teachers through around a few ideas and in the end we came to two conclusions:

1)  Get out the real scientific truth about weed.  More and more studies are coming out regarding the impact of marijuana on the teenage brain and none of them are good.  No, it won't kill you.  It'll only make your life slowly worse and worse.  Maybe you shake it off as a high school/college fad, and then again, maybe you won't.  Maybe you want it and need it.  Maybe it is necessary to smoke it every day at lunch, and then when you get home, and then again at seven in the morning (yes, they are catching students smoking at 7 a.m.).  In the end, you will be deteriorating your body and your brain nice and slow, all for a stupid little plant.

2)  The drug is illegal, especially at Ukiah High, and let's treat it that way.  The teachers had no problem with increased police presence, dogs, the whole nine yards.  If the community wants to battle over the importance of marijuana over kids, then we make the stand at the gates of Ukiah High School. 

It really needs to be a city wide effort.  There are good businesses and good people in this town, and the only way this problem is going to be solved is if the good parts of this town overwhelm the idiots that find marijuana so important. 

Updated 11/10

Looks like the Twitter feeds have been catching on to my blog post, and it's funny to read some of the reaction.  You know what never ceases to amaze me?  When the people that are so pro-legalizing pot seem to insist that I'm over-exaggerating or lying.  Take for instance this guy, jdc325, who insisted that this post is "overemotional, illogical, and lacking in evidence".  Of course this is some schmuck from Great Britain and not from Mendocino County, so the moron wouldn't know the first thing about teaching in a pot-laced county.  Am I overemotional about the rampant drug use from kids or the lack of society's priority in their well-being over legalization of weed?  What is illogical?  Is it the fact that Ukiah has had an increase in crime since legalization or simply that drug related crimes at the high school have skyrocketed?  How about the lack of evidence?  I promise that I'm not lying that drug related expulsions are through the roof at our school.  I promise that I'm not lying that kids are waking and baking before attending school.  I promise that I'm not lying that kids are simply taking weed from families that grow and try to sell it at school. 

Legalize it, legalize it, legalize it.  All those bad things, real or "perceived", that happen in society are either lies or ...........who cares.  Just legalize it.


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