Saturday, October 24, 2009

Two things the Ukiah Daily Journal dealt with this week that I’m tired of watching


A fabulous week for the school district in the newspaper.

As the Ukiah Daily Journal reported on Tuesday, our idiotic teacher’s union has refused to negotiate with the school district.  We aren’t at impasse or anything like that, the UTA (Ukiah Teacher’s Union) just doesn’t want to meet.  I went to a meeting where a union leader actually had the balls to say “The school’s budget is just fine, the contract is strong, and the district can do nothing to us if we don’t negotiate”.  This would be funny if it was a Mel Brooks movie.  But it isn’t, and young teachers are going to be in big trouble (as soon as January), and the fact that these people have the paychecks of hundreds in their hands is frightening.  That might be why some institutions are looking at alternative representation.

Today there was a story about the wonders of marijuana at the high school.  This week’s announcement by President Obama that the feds would not go after legal marijuana users has brought quite the reaction locally, where the UDJ has had article after article about weed within the county, as if it just realized that it was a huge part of society in Mendocino County.  The article isn’t too far off the mark about weed’s impact on the school, with the social order accepting the drug so readily and the school having a zero tolerance policy towards it.  However, I haven’t heard about students smoking during class.  I can guarantee that it isn’t happening in my classroom. 

I’ll be waiting for the positive high school story this week.    

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