Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Grind


When watching the Deadliest Catch, there comes a period called “The Grind”.  It is a seemingly unending work shift that can last for multiple days with almost no rest and a feeling like you are doing your job in an almost robotic fashion. 

For teachers this is called October.

If you are frequent reader to my blog you’ll notice that I’ve been pretty sparse with the postings lately.  That’s because I’m unbelievably busy.  I often have fantastic ideas during my prep period, but I need that time to prep for tomorrow.  I often have great ideas around 7 p.m., but I need to correct papers and input grades so I hold off on blogging.  I still have those great ideas at 11, but now I’m off to bed, only to be up at 5 a.m. and exhausted.  I’m straggling into class at around 6:15 a.m. to work up energy for my 7:30 class, and I try and get through the day.

Obviously I’m giving too much work since I’m so damn behind in my grading.  First quarter grades were due on Wednesday and I ended taking my AP US History classes and taking a bit of liberty in assessing grades.  I still have at least a half dozen assignments to grade and it wasn’t going to get done in time.  It wasn’t like the grades were going to be significant in change, but I feel unsatisfied none-the-less.  Oh, and Homecoming just ended.  This completely screwed up the minutes I had allocated to teaching and I’m still making up the time missed.  Fortunately, the students did a good job with attendance finished work ahead of schedule in the case of AP Comp Gov.

I don’t know about you, but my school is getting hammered with illness.  Interesting that it happened right after the late nights and crappy food of Homecoming, but listening to the news makes me think that it is just a really nasty bug.  While I hear plenty of rumors of Swine Flu, who really knows.  Lots of kids are coming down with the flu (my APUSH class was half gone early this week) and most come back insisting that it is Swine.  Nobody has been tested for it.  They just stay home a whole lot longer than usual.  This makes school that much more difficult because breaks and lunch become a teaching period were quizzes are made up, assignments are dealt with, and kids get make-up instruction. 

November will be better, I know it.  Basketball starts, Thanksgiving is on the horizon, and I get to listen to the rain coming down on my roof.

While I grade essays.

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