Thursday, September 10, 2009

You Lie!


Yes I saw it.

Yes it was bad form and made the party look bad (par for the course these days).

No, it wasn’t THAT big of a deal.  Try looking at Prime Minister’s Questions in the United Kingdom, or any number of parliaments around the world.

Yes, all these morons feigning shock at the “disrespect at the office of the President” irritate me.  This kind of behavior has been going on since before the Clinton Administration.  Now the Democratic Golden Child is in power and is immune to a single lowlife Congressman’s heckle?  Please.

Yes the speech was good.  He spoke well and got his point across.  It might have been the best since Denver.

No, I don’t think he outright lied. 

But yes, he said those comments about illegal immigrants knowing that the health care burden of those that use the system will burden society.  And he conveinently passed right over it.

Yes, I think he’s totally bungled this entire health care issue by leaving it to Congress.  This speech should have been made two months ago.

Yes, I think Joe Wilson is an idiot.

Yes, I think health care will be reformed, although not using the Obama plan.

And finally, yes, the best part of the night was watching Nancy Pelosi’s face when Wilson spoke out.  She looked like she was about to stage dive into the House rows and beat the man with her shoe.  Now that would have been Must See TV.

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