Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Guess I’m not important enough for Piggy Flu vaccine


I got out of my faculty meeting today with one message clearly stuck in my head. I’m not going to get an H1N1 flu virus vaccination any time soon.

While at the meeting, we were told the usual (sanitizer, cough techniques, websites with info), with the cherry on the cake top being that the Mendocino County Public Health Department has chosen not to consider teachers among those most important to receive inoculations against the Oink Attack.  Never mind that I’m around 150 kids a day, and never mind that I’m the perfect age (30-50) to get Swine Flu.  I guess that those two factors just don’t really matter.  I know, even if I get it, I’ll probably be fine.  Let’s remember, more people die of the regular flu every year, and all signs point towards H1N1 doing the same thing unless the strain really mutates.  Still, I don’t like the idea that teachers, public servants that are constantly around germ factories, are not considered in the same vain as other professions that deal with mass amounts of people.  Not only is it insulting, but if our school were to experience a 40% absence rate among students and teachers (the quote that was stated in a variety of documents to prepare for), the town becomes severely impacted. 

Not that I’m worried.  I have my hand sanitizer already in place and I’ve discussed things with my kids.  You get it, you hunker down and get better, then you go back to school and clean up the mess your sub will probably leave. 

Another thing to look forward to.

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