Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Mom who gets it

Darren at "Right on the Left Coast" (check my blogroll) points to this very inspiring story of a parent who understands that a child needs to learn the value of education, and that choosing to fail has consequences.  It would be an understatement to call it refreshing.

Students are going to fail my class this year.  Most don't seem to really care.  It's not that they don't show up, they just do little or nothing.  When they take quizzes they fail them, when they test they bomb those as well, then they whine that there is not enough homework during the year to boost grades.  Part of the reason that they fail is because the safety net is so large for them to fall into.  At Ukiah High we have Cyber High, Anytime School, and the traditional Summer School, all methods of recovering credits because of poor grades in past classes.  Credit recovery programs have been a major theme of late for two reasons; keeping students moving forward in their progress, and acquiring funding by putting butts in seats.  This is nice on the shallow end, but the depths of the problem come about when we start watching students shrug shoulders and say, "I'll just do Anytime" or Summer school, or whatever else.  Of course, maybe they enjoy coming in because they have nothing to do with their time.

And maybe it would really be a teachable moment to make them pay for a course the second time around.    

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