Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Turn your freak off


Along with prom season comes the usual anger towards “freaking”, which is the act of dry humping your partner on the dance floor while listening to really lousy hip-hop music (coming from someone who loves hip-hop).  Every year the students get their pants and panties in a bundle when school administrators crack down on student freaking, leading to the common debate of student expression versus school policy. 

Let me be pretty clear, I think freaking is dry humping.  Kids compare it to every generations form of dancing, and they are pretty much full of it.  Elvis swinging his hips around and two fifteen year olds having simulated sex is not the same thing, and teens (like usual) who enjoy arguing this point are looking for an excuse to get a little “excused foreplay”.  

Well, it looks like Cardinal Newman and Ursuline High Schools in Santa Rosa are the latest group of students who felt like they were the exceptions to the rule.  Apparently they were on a prom cruise on San Francisco Bay when students started to complain about the music taste.  Throw in a few warnings, a belligerent DJ, and a group to spoiled brat students, and Principal Julie Carver decided that the situation was unruly and out of control, and closed down the whole situation.  Students are furious, and rumors of parent lawsuits are popping up here and there.  Apparently mommy and daddy don’t like shelling out a thousand dollars to a their kid and watch the money go to waste because of school rules.  By the way, first hint that something is wrong…………you spent a cool grand on prom. 

Students were warned many times to stop, and the rules were that school dances did not allow dry humping on the dance floor.  As stated by various sources, it seems like students felt that prom was an exception and shouldn’t count as a “school dance”.  Um, last I remember a prom was a school sponsored event.  If the school is attached to it, then the school becomes responsible.  Figure it out. 

"But senior Brittany Swelam, Ursuline’s student body president, said Catholic or not, students are still teen-agers searching out ways to “have fun.”
“It’s not like we look at freak dancing as some way to be rebellious,” she said. “It’s just all we know.”

Sorry, but your behavior was the exact opposite.  The situation was basically a rebellion against authority, and in the end the school did what it had to do.  I applaud Ursuline’s principal for standing up for what is right for the school and not giving in to the entitled attitude of students.  Oh, and memo to Miss Swelam, if you have spent four years at Ursuline and all you know about dancing is how to grind your ass into some guys crotch, I would ask for a refund for that tuition bill.   

By the way if you haven’t noticed, this problem is not going to go away.  Students push the boundaries of what is and is not socially acceptable at school, and schools are going to continue to push back.  Once again, parents need to understand that the rules are there for a reason, and spending a thousand dollars for a prom date does not create a new atmosphere of “I get want I want” at the school function. 

Freak that.   

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