Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Ghost Riding the Whip accidents = Process of Natural Selection?

imageNo, I don’t like people getting hurt, especially kids.

However, you really need to wonder if “Ghost Riding the Whip” (the process of dancing on your car while it has no driver, and is in motion) really has some deeper connection to Darwinism.  As a huge fan of the Bay Area and the long history of Bay Area rap (Too Short, Digital Underground, MC Hammer), I would like to state that the creation of Ghost Riding is not one of its more profound moments.  In fact, it is one of the lower points in the complex history of rap.

And yes, we all did stupid stuff in high school/college.  However, “I know, let’s run this car up to 7 mph and dance like a fool on the hood instead of driving it” never came to mind.  Know why?  Because it really is THAT fucking dumb.  Note to the next generations; not everything you do that is risky is rebellious.  Once you pass a limit of common sense, then “aw that’s just teenage stuff” becomes “wow, does your existence really benefit society”.  The sooner you know the difference, the better off you might be.

By the way, I miss the glory days of rap.  I happen miss the powerful messages of EPMD, NWA, Public Enemy, KRS-One.  Now everything is about partying and creativity is limited to whether or not you can make a thizz face.  Could the Bay Area maybe revitalize a platform that expressed the frustrations of a community, hell, a nation?  We sure could use it.  

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