Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Some thoughts on Obama


I’m a pretty fair guy when it comes to judging our presidents.  I was fair enough to see that George Bush was (at this point) one of the worst in office, and I’m fair enough to know that six months isn’t much time to start talking legacy about a new president.

Still, the “yes we can” campaign has worn off and now the realization of a presidential job is at hand.  Here’s what I see.

1)  Obviously the economy is the top issue, and the spending of the stimulus package is first in the minds of many Americans.  I was in Las Vegas during break and came upon a few thousand people at a Tea Party protest on April 15, which was the protest against Obama’s tax policy.  First of all, populism has run amok lately and it isn’t because of conservative media hosts, it’s because Americans are very myopic.  After years of living the good life with a total lack of responsibility, they want to now point their finger at whatever government figure tells them that they might have to sacrifice something to get government services.  Remember, the tax rate is barely going up on the wealthiest Americans, so calm the hell down.  However, the more legitimate gripe was one that I heard here-and-there about where the taxes were going.  In one of the most foreclosed cities in America (Henderson, Nevada) I heard numerous stories of families being kicked out of the house they were renting.  Then the question came up, “Wait a minute, how come the loser that can’t pay his mortgage gets help, but the renter, who hasn’t missed a payment ever, has to pay thousands to move to another home?”.  Wow, good question.  Same with corporate bail-outs. 

2)  Yes, some corporate bail-outs are necessary.  But you give them a definitive set of guidelines and if they don’t follow you either let them go under or nationalize them.  They made the bad choices in the first place, they lose the right to make another with tax dollars.  When the company gets back on its feet, sell the assets back to a private entity and boom, everyone’s happy. 

3)  Vet your candidates better.  You look like an idiot.

4)  I was no fan with the Bush Doctrine of foreign policy.  I think it was arrogant in all the wrong ways and made us less respected throughout the world.  The problem is that I don’t know if Barack Obama is exactly the kind of guy I want trying to fix Bush’s mess, and the recent choices he’s made show that.  I’m all for talking to everyone, even North Korea, and establishing dialogue, but it really is ok to ignore some people because they are basically idiots.  People not to ignore:  Medvedev, Brown, Sarkozy, Merkel, Hu.  People not to get worked up over: Jung Ill, the short weasel from Iran, and that nut Chavez.  I think that Obama offering Ahmadinejad a sit-down was a good idea, and the fact that he was willing to tell the Iranian midget off after his UN Racism fiasco was promising.  However, it would have been fine to shake the hand of Chavez and then offer him the book, “Dictator for Dummies”.  Seriously, Chavez is one of the biggest idiots in international politics.  Sucking up to him is pointless.

I’ll still willing to give the man plenty of leeway.  I’ve seen blog after blog going after Obama for everything under the sun, some of it to the point of idiocy.  Give it a rest. 

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