Friday, January 02, 2009

Back again


I'm cold.

It's about 10:30 in the morning on the Friday before the return and this is the third time I've been working in my classroom.  Like I've stated before, I actually love the solitude of my "office", except right now.  It's cold.  For some reason the heater is pumping in air from the outside, which currently in the mid-40's.  This is giving my room a chill that doesn't go well with the basketball shorts I have on right now (I finished practice about a half hour ago).  I'm also eyeing my new water marks on the ceiling.  Many teachers are familiar with the clear sign that water has found its way through the room and into your classroom, creating a visible clue of damage.  My guess is that the nasty rains that occurred before Christmas found their way through that solar tube at the bottom of the picture and simply seeped into the ceiling.  I've already notified the proper people and it does no good to get terribly worked up about it.  It's ugly, but it doesn't impact the way I teach.  However, I'll call on it every week just to make sure it gets taken care of, because we all know that leaving it will only make it worse (owning a home taught me that quick.

Oh, and a New Year's Eve note.  I will watch Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin every year for the rest of my natural life if CNN keeps rolling them out for New Year's Eve.  I don't bother with either of them normally, but for a single night for the second year in a row I enjoyed the hi-jinks of attempt-to-be-stoic Anderson Cooper and the toeing-the-line-of-taste Kathy Griffin.  Few shows make me laugh out loud any more, and none of the New Year's Eve shows are worth a damn, except for CNN.  I was laughing my ass off on this New Year's Eve.  Where else can you watch the normal Times Square nonsense while cutting away to Sushi the Transvestite being lowered in a big shoe, then cutting to Kathy Griffin throwing something at the Jonas Brothers as they perform on stage, then cutting to CNN's New Orleans' correspondent being mobbed by drunk college students, then cutting to Griffin comparing her mood swings to a pap smear and a fluffy golden retriever, then cutting to an intoxicated Coolio calling himself one of the greatest rappers of all time, finally ending with the wonderful Kathy Griffin firing back at hecklers "I don't come to your job and knock the dicks out of your mouth".  It was flat out hilarious. 

And by the way if you think that was offensive, I think your priorities are off.  You know what offended me?  The constant male enhancement commercials and the idiots of Lynard Skynard waiving the Confederate flag around their concert like Jefferson Davis himself was in the audience.  Or how about ABC for continuing to roll out Dick Clark for the New Year's Rockin Eve.  That's just plain wrong.    

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