Sunday, December 14, 2008

What I've learned since I last posted


-That the President has pretty damn good reflexes and, regardless of what Michael Moore says, an ability to act quickly.  Not only does he evade the shoe, but check out how he calmly waves off the Secret Service and keeps are tense situation from becoming a circus.  If only he would have done that post-9/11.

-That I'm doing something right in the classroom.  I got an award from the students this month and it made me beam for quite a while.

-That I'm doing something wrong on the basketball court, because I wasn't around for one and a half games last week.

-That I miss teaching American Government terribly and while U.S. History is fine, the CA standards for the subject are full of shit.  The person that actually finds that the Second Vatican Council is necessary for a basic understanding of U.S. History is a loon. 

-That PLC's, while well intentioned, are leading to a point where everything is scripted and no real teaching will happen.  I watched a video where everything in a math PLC was common assessments, common pacing, and everything looked hunky dory.  Of course, no mention was made of ELL students, IEP's, excessive absences, family trips to Disneyland, or the simply fact that some students don't always work on the textbook pace.

-That the Spam Teacher mentioned in a previous post complained to students about that little e-mail asking him to stop.  Those students then told me that Mr. Spam complained to them that I sent a rude e-mail.  Uncool.

-I'm tired.  I need a recharge.  I need a vacation.  

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