Friday, November 28, 2008

It's empty, and good.



It's the Friday after Thanksgiving and I sit in my classroom doing the work necessary to prepare for the next three weeks.  I have to admit, I love the feeling of being alone in the classroom, researching and preparing for the coming days, being able to be at peace with my own thoughts in my own setting.  With my wife happily at home reading with the cat, I set out to my classroom in a shirt and tie at around Noon, and have been working to grade blogs (kids are blogging at and prep power points for U.S. History.  It's now 3:30 and I'm about to head over to the gym for the beginning of our home basketball season.  We won on the road on Wednesday and I'm rather excited to see how our second tilt works out.

I actually can't overstate how much I love the silent atmosphere of the classroom when it is empty.  I like kids, I like them a lot.  However most teachers know that the song and dance in front of the kiddies comes with a serious amount of preparation, and the better the prep, the better the performance.  I never really understood the idea of bustling until I became a teacher.  Now I bustle around the classroom looking through files, writing on the white board, and making dashes to the Admin building to make copies.  I was lucky to gain the trust of my principal during my first year and I was rewarded with a key that gives me access to the photocopier.  During my first few years I made Sunday excursions to F-6 (my room) almost weekly.  Now I do the Sunday thing less and less, but I still come in during holidays and I almost always stay later than the secretary that locks the Admin building on regular school days.

So it's about time to head to the gym, where the peaceful feeling will be overcome by that other neat feeling, competition.

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