Sunday, October 05, 2008

Calm down already

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It is sad that around Campaign season, the American people all of the sudden go into partisan brain-dead mode. 

While we are in the midst of a very important election, one that will determine which direction the country will choose going into the meat of the 21st Century, people are using the time to make idiot observations and insane innuendos that really have nothing to do with leading the strongest nation on the planet.  I see less and less real discussion on how to attack the issues that matter (real economics, the war, national security, education, health care), and more focus on moronic hyperbole that makes the world image of the American voter drive all other global citizens straight into the arms of their local dictator, socialist dreamer, or any other scheming politician. 

Is Obama too black?  Is McCain too old?  Is Obama a Muslim?  Is McCain a Christian fundamentalist?  Is Biden a degenerate mob-corrupt lackey?  Is Palin plain stupid?  Can Obama say "Change" one more time so my ears bleed?  Can Palin see anything other than Russia from her house?  Does Obama know anything about foreign policy?  Does McCain know anything about Economics?  Will Barack Obama create a socialist police state bent on ending our Constitutional freedoms?  Will John McCain create a fascist police state bent on ending our Constitutional freedoms?

Christ, do we really sound this stupid?    Unfortunately yes.  And worse, we haven't become educated enough to know when both sides spur it on.  Yes, Obama can handle major foreign policy decisions.  Not only will he be well informed, he's going to have some very good military minds to help him out.  Same with McCain.  The senior Senator from Arizona knows plenty about Economics, both in experience (head of the Commerce Committee many times) and in people that will be advising him. 

We are more partisan now than in any time in our nation's history.  Do our established democracy a favor and don't play into the partisanship.  Regardless of what you might think, the world will not end if either McCain or Obama becomes president.  Both put a good face on the office of the Leader of the Free World, and both would do a better job than the current occupant.  Don't be a prejudicial fool by calling McCain voters ignorant religious zealots that care only about pulling the country downward.  And don't be paranoid moron by watching kids sing about Obama and thinking that the children will the next SS in the Obama Socialist Army.  Use your brain and help the country.

And you can start by reading about the Biden-Palin debate

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