Friday, September 19, 2008

U.S. News and World Report asks for my opinion


Last week, Eddy Ramirez from U.S. News and World Report interviewed me about how I thought blogs impacted education policy, and why I decided to blog in the first place.  That article is now up at U.S. News and World Report

I like the article and stand by everything I said.  One piece of clarification on my comment, "A social science teacher at a rural high school in Ukiah, Calif., the 35-year-old says he has learned more about classroom management and lesson planning from other bloggers than from his school district colleagues."   That wasn't meant as a knock at my colleagues, who I've learned much from.  The next sentence I gave the reporter after that quote was the explanation that education blogs create the ultimate collaboration environment.  Think about it; I have access to hundreds of teachers that have thousands of ideas that I can incorporate into my classroom.  Hell, I even use ideas from a teacher that was a former student at my school when I started teaching at Ukiah High!  While educators complain about having to interact with teachers in the classroom next door, I interact with my colleagues, and then I use my own time to collaborate with educators who are as passionate as I with perfecting the art of teaching. 

While being a part of a weekly news magazine is cool, it doesn't mean anything unless society starts making education are real priority.  I blog because I think what I do is monumentally important.  Blogging makes me a better teacher.  Will it make society make better choices?    

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