Sunday, September 28, 2008

CTA goes for your wallet, and you need to ask them not to


Last year I watched in horror as the site reps in my local union voted to raise the union dues on our membership without taking it out to a vote.  Furious, I let them know in my own diplomatic way that I thought they were doing a strong injustice to hard working teachers by basically stealing from them.  They response I got was, "It's in the bylaws". 

Last week I received a message from our union about a little money grab that the CTA is now a party to, one that fills the coffers of the organization while slyly making it necessary for you to ask to be removed from this "voluntary donation".  The CTA is "voluntarily" collecting a $20 "donation" from CTA members that don't opt out of the contribution by a paper form that your union should have or by going to the CTA web site.  Be warned, you need to sign up for the CTA site with your CTA card number and go through a variety of confirmation process before you click "Refund" under the voluntary donation link on the web site. 

Anyone else see a major problem with an organization whose expressed message is to protect you, but instead uses manipulation to take money from its membership?  I don't know about you, but I didn't receive any message at all, including a ballot, that stated that a dues increase was going to be taken from me. 

Go sign in to the CTA and get your money back. 

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