Friday, August 22, 2008

A response to the letter I just received in my box

-Nice card, and the message is probably appropriate.
-Teachers are allowed to be bitter, that doesn't mean they'll stop being good teachers. If you read other posts, you should clearly realize that I love my job.
-Your other party is way off on the lack of professionalism. Was the post a little tantrumy (is that a word?), probably.
-I stand by my advice 100%, and I practice it too.
-I can teach any courses in my department and do it well.
-I don't involve personal feelings in the classroom, as my blog often clearly states.
-The only promise I can make is that I'll give you everything I have in the classroom to make the educational experience a great one to the best of my ability.
-Parents are always welcome to sit in on my classes.

Last thing. I've had parents get in my face and scream me up and down using very naughty words, and I never bring that back to the student. Your expression of concern is thoughtful and courteous, and is a positive step in a healthy teacher/parent relationship. Always feel free to contact me.
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