Monday, August 25, 2008

Not funny

I walked into my classroom and checked my e-mail this morning to find a message from a teacher with a link to an article from a local columnist. The article read something like this:
One fairy tale that gets floated around schools at this time of year is that you're surrounded by smart, caring adults who want to help you succeed, help you follow your dream, help you be the best possible you! This is all rubbish.
And the remainder of the article if pretty much the same way, except that he does call counselors "true parasites infecting the education racket", so he does get his digs on the admin as well.

The guy that writes this crap is a local columnist that regularly hurls bombs at any and all easy targets, but sorta does it to be shockingly funny. I think that it could be considered satirical, except that nobody really laughs and the writing is so bad that it is often ignored. It's like someone took an ex-hippie and told him "hey, act like you are pissed off at everything and write about it like Andrew Dice Clay would, except omit all the language". Like Clay, you are shocked for about half a second, realize whose writing it, and then move on to see who won silver medal in at the Zinfandel tasting competition at the county fair.

And that's the time of day I gave it. In the end, it did nothing to disrupt a fabulous day of teaching.

You can read it too if you want, and then go watch Jon Stewart's coverage of the Democratic Convention for real satire.
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