Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Musings of the second day of the year

I'm back at it and it's fun again.

When it comes down to it, students really do make teaching fun, and new teachers need to realize that while it is easy to let the less-than-10%-downer-group get you down, it's the rest of them that really need your attention. What's the days been like?

-The energy is pretty good in all classes but one, and that class just seems to be waiting to see if I'm for real.

-The topic of Georgia and Russia came up in almost every class (we watch the news). I ended up taking 10 minutes to talk about it later in the day, and stumbled right into an example of federalism. It was not only a great teachable moment (students were asking good questions), but I made a wonderful connection with a political theory that kids struggle with. Oh, and there was a little of that Cold War thing.

-I have a Smart Board in class now. I bought a new laptop over the summer for school and hooked it up. My, my, my is that a pretty device. Going from browser to picture to video is now an instant breeze. Was a pain to set up, but worth it when it works.

-One thing that I need to stop doing is that expectation that Juniors already know parts of U.S. History when I talk about issues. I've been teaching Seniors for so long that with Juniors I say some event and get looks of "huh?", when I used to get slight nods of recognition. Different clientele means that I need to tone it back a little bit, which is fine but takes some getting used to.

My goal of not working at home this year is not working at all. I'm already preparing a power point about Colonial vocabulary words at night watching Giants games.
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