Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Java for teacher?


Money Saving Mom got wind of an item that gives away free coffee to teachers.

Kick off the new school year at Starbucks. Stop by each Monday now through September 29 and receive a tall cup of Pike Place Roast ™, on us. Just present a valid K-12 teaching credential and the coffee’s our treat. It’s a little recognition for everything you do.

Apparently the deal starts on September 8th, and is only valid regionally, so check with your local Starbucks if you want a cup. Also, I'd like to make two observations;

1. A teaching credential? I'm hoping that my NEA membership card will be good enough because I'm not digging into the file cabinet for Pike's Place Roast. Sumatra? Maybe. But not the cheap stuff.

2. Which brings me to the Pike's Place Roast. As a once frequent buyer of the coffee nectar, I'm pretty irritated that the only consistent roast is a weak blend that has little flavor and was created to draw in the McDonald's crowd. Right now it is the ONLY decaf choice, and the only choice of coffee at all in the afternoon. What happened to the Starbucks "experience"?

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