Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tom Friedman says it so well

"Which brings me back to America. Perfect we are not, but America still has some moral backbone. There are travesties we will not tolerate. The U.N. vote on Zimbabwe demonstrates that this is not true for these “popular” countries — called Russia or China or South Africa — that have no problem siding with a man who is pulverizing his own people.

So, yes, we’re not so popular in Europe and Asia anymore. I guess they would prefer a world in which America was weaker, where leaders with the values of Vladimir Putin and Thabo Mbeki had a greater say, and where the desperate voices for change in Zimbabwe would, well, just shut up."

Where the hell is the world outrage? 

And where is the media coverage of an event that makes Gitmo look like a doll house? 

And where is the U.S. Government thrashing of the all three governments publicly, from both Congress and the White House?

Read Friedman's article, and get some perspective on the world.

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