Wednesday, July 09, 2008



About 30 miles west of Ukiah and 17 miles east of the Pacific Ocean is the small town of Comptche, population 600.  The men above are from volunteer fire department from the tiny town in Mendocino County (courtesy of the New York Times).  When the fires kicked off locally, we had little help with the exception of the brave men and women who took off to the fire lines to save people and property.  I've learned that the reason why information was so sparse was because the "organized" effort against the fire was pretty non-existent.  For days the only battle against the blazes were local departments that wouldn't have time to report out because they were busy fighting the flames.  Citizens couldn't report out because they were busy trying to save their homes.  The local media couldn't report out because they were too lazy to report out (get a laptop, a digital camera, create a blog, do some f-ing reporting).  In the end, information came in by third-party people until Cal-Fire started to get a half handle on the situation. 

The New York Times does a nice job acknowledging the first line troops that worked so hard to save the property of members of their communities.  If you are in Mendocino County and you run into ANY firefighters, give those guys a big "Thank You".  Their tireless efforts show the heart and character of the kind of men and women that deserve so much more than simple gratitude, and thanks to the New York Times for letting the country know that real heroes still exist.

The New York Times article.

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