Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Musing on the end of the year

I'll be honest. I've been avoiding this blog because I have been angry.

The whole Gov/Econ thing had been boiling in my blood for a good long while, and it was better that I not say something foolish and create a bad situation. In the end, I'm not going to get it back unless I create an enormous scene, and I still have to work here so I decided against it. One thing that stuck in my mind was a comment that was made by two separate people. "It's probably not best for students, but it's a department decision". Fine. I guess that means that I'll have to create a kick ass U.S. History class for a year. Then I'm coming back to my passion, Gov/Econ.

That whole issue was part of why this year was not as good as it could have been. When I left school last Friday, I was much more subdued than in the past because I don't that it was a very good year. Kid evaluations are fairly good, with the only exception being AP Comp Gov, which actually had some seriously low grades for me. More on that later. The evaluation was my own in how I handled the adversity of the year. The health issues were miserable. A constant pain in my chest existed from November to May. It made life difficult to say the least. The classroom move was a nightmare. I moved to the farthest classroom on campus, and the art room during 5th, and I did not do well with the move. Besides the bitter feeling of having no input, the Internet was sporadic at best, and the technology has now reached the point of not being able to handle the functions that I want. My frustration level by the end of the year was pretty maxed out, and it impacted my teaching, unfortunately.

But the year is gone and I have my classroom back in newly remodeled fashion. I love the remodel and I've been spending four hours a day this week moving stuff back into my room and prepping for next year.

And I'm back to blogging.
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