Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mendocino County "Lightning Series" wildfires (updated 6/29 at 8 p.m.)

Updated Information is bolded.

Remember that thunderstorm Friday night? Well, it has touched off one hell of a wildfire problem in Mendocino County. I've been keeping an eye and ear on some of the news, so here is a little update for those that have been hearing about the fires.

-Fires are all over Mendocino County. Right now it looks like about 60 fires are still going within the county totaling 35,700 acres.

-The McCarvey Fire is 10 miles west of Ukiah. It is 620 acres.

-There is a precautionary evacuation issued by Cal Fire on Mountain View Road at Mile Post 9 East of Manchester. This is the Jacks Fire at 650 acres.

-There is a voluntary evacuation order for the Red Mountain-Bell Springs area north/northeast of Leggett. This is from the Red Mountain fire at 2,500 acres.

-The Sugarloaf Fire is between Manchester and Booneville. It is 5,000 acres.

-The Cliff Fire is just northeast of the Mallo Fire between Manchester and Philo. It is 4,600 acres.

-The Mallo Pass Fire is between Manchester and Philo. It is 2,300 acres.

-The evacuation order for Greenfield Ranch as been downgraded to voluntary.
This is from the Jack Smith fire at 1,500 acres.

-There is a voluntary evacuation order for the Orr Springs Road/Montgomery Woods area. This includes Running Springs Road and the Orr Springs Resort. The fire is around 3,037 acres. This one is called the Orr Fire.

-The Paradise Fire is near Shelter Cove at about 875 acres. It is 40% contained.

- There are 51 fires burning in the Mendocino National Forest. Expected to be fully contained by Tuesday.

-There is a fire between the southwest end of Lake Pillsbury and Potter Valley.
This is called the Back Fire and is 80% contained. It has burned 1,600 acres.

-There is fire west of Lake Pillsbury. This fire is called the Big Fire and is about 1,400 acres. It is 40% contained.

-The evacuation order for the Chicken Ridge area of Covelo has been lifted. This is in relation to the Butch Fire.

-There is a voluntary evacuation order for the town of Rockport.

-The evacuation order for Navarro and Flynn Creek has been lifted. The Navarro fire is at 3,000 acres.

-There is a voluntary evacuation for the town of Leggett.

-There is a voluntary evacuation for the town of Cummings, south of Leggett.

-There is a voluntary evacuation for the Howard Creek and De Haven Creek drainage, north of Westport.

-There is a voluntary evacuation recommended and issued by the Anderson Valley Fire Department for the following areas: Rancho Navarro, Nash Mill Road from Clough Ridge to the top of Nash Mill Subdivision, Mountain View Rd. near mile marker 17 in the vicinity of Hanes Ranch, Easterly portion of Signal Ridge Rd. in the vicinity of Rossi Ranch below Cold Springs Lookout.

-The Table Mountain Fire is near Albion and is about 1000 acres. It is 30% contained.

-There is a fire in Reeves Canyon about 10 miles north of Ukiah.

-A public health advisory has been issued for citizens of Anderson Valley, Hopland, and the Ukiah Valley. The air quality is considered hazardous and people should stay inside their homes.

People are going quite bonkers with the lack of available information online. I'm also quite surprised that the county sheriff is going from radio station to radio station trying to get out info. How about an overall conference call? The local newspaper is also useless. How about some real news of the fire? Anyway, I'm up so I'll update if I hear anything.
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