Monday, June 30, 2008

Done with the fires

Someone e-mailed me early on and asked why I took the time to blog information about the fires. The answer was quite simple. No one else was giving out a single, solid lead for info. Our local paper is a joke, doing very little real reporting and only coping information from Cal-Fire when it was release. So, since I was home and doing very little productive anyway, I blogged info from the fire.

But I'm done now, and I'll give you a couple of links that should help.

Mendocino County now has a website that is totally dedicated to the local wildfires.

Here are a couple of local fire maps.

Here is an overall map of the Mendocino Complex Wildfires.

This blog is actually from a parent of a couple of students I had. He's keeping up to date with the Mendo fires.

Here is a local blogger in Greenfield Ranch.

Nice to see that local citizens really took an interest in getting accurate information out to the general public.

But I'm finished with it. We now join our regularly scheduled program, already in progress.
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