Thursday, May 29, 2008

Kick in the gut

I write this knowing full well that I'm lucky to have a job and I'm happy to be in this profession.  Still...........

I got the paper that had my schedule for next year on it.

International and Global Studies- 1 class

Advanced Placement Comparative Government- 1 class

United States History- 3 classes

I literally looked on the backside of the paper for an error.  Um, where was Government/Economics?  The answer was that I was kicked.  Basically, because we had to lay-off a teacher, I'm now the low man on the pole and other teachers wanted to teach Gov/Econ, so it got taken. 

Fine, I'll teach U.S., but I was passionate about Gov/Econ.  I mean really passionate.  I put seven years into the subject that few in my department liked to teach, and that I was thrown into during my first year.  The school and my students have reaped the rewards of my passionate investment into the subject, and it is now gone.  Tough to contemplate the enormous extra effort into creating and loving something so much, and being good at it, and having it go away not because you are bad at it, but ....... just because.


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