Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Real Importance of April 15

First Minor League game for the Montreal Royals (farm team to the Brooklyn Dodgers):
4-5 in hitting
1 home run
4 runs-batted-in
2 stolen bases
caused the opposing pitcher to balk twice
(Actually April 18th. April 15 was Robinson's first game in the Majors. He was 0-3)

After the daily news summary, I pulled up a chair and did my yearly April 15 ten minute story time on one of history's greatest civil rights warriors, Jackie Robinson. I talked about his "back of the bus" incident at Fort Hood, his attitude in the Negro Leagues, his relationship with Branch Rickey, his passion for baseball, and most of all, his ability to persevere through tremendous hardship. The kids were totally enthralled.

In every class, students wanted to know more about Robinson, baseball, civil rights, and the Negro Leagues. Who said April 15th had to be a bad day?
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