Saturday, April 26, 2008

A good Giants game and a Critical Mass of Asses

My cell phone went off as I walked out the door of the admin building on my way home. Apparently, someone gave my wife four tickets to the Giants-Reds game in the Club Level at AT&T Park. Two friends and my wife and I crowded into the car and raced down to the ball game for some nice hardball action. The game was great. Jonathan Sanchez struck out 10 and the young Giants flew around the bases in the late innings to secure the victory. After the game we enjoyed Mojitos, Margies, and the best late game snacks in the world at Palominos under the Bay Bridge. It is still, by far, the best deal in post-game snackage that you can get in the city. We ended up back in the not-so-bustling Ukiah at around 2:15 in the morning.

The only drawback was getting to the game in the middle of the 2nd inning because we ran into the idiots of Critical Mass. We were making excellent time going against the rush hour traffic until we reached the corner of Bush and Market, where we ended up stuck in an intersection as hundreds of cyclists rode en masse down Market Street. Critical Masses is a monthly, sometimes weekly, protest against the city for the "unfriendly" environment that the city provides for the biking population. They do this by breaking laws and tying up traffic on the busiest street in the city, while making no one sympathetic to their cause. In fact, my guess is that most drivers were in the same thinking mode as I was, "I wonder how many I could scatter if I just punched it". Having went to college in Chico, where cycling idiots bitch about similar issues, I must say that I have absolutely no sympathy for the cause of Critical Mass. In fact, I think cyclists are some of the most hypocritical morons in society, bitching about bike rights as the fly through 4-way STOP signs, run red lights, and constantly scream at pedestrians that they own the road. My wife wondered if the cyclists were going to be held to the same standard as cars, as they flew through the intersection of Bush and Market without a care, and be cited for a red light violation.

But Critical Mass of Idiots couldn't dampen our spirits this night as the Giants ended victorious, and for some reason, my wife and I have the luck of the Irish in nailing free seats at some nice games.
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