Saturday, April 26, 2008

Comments on teacher pot charges

For those of you that aren't local, or that are local and live under a rock, a teacher at my high school was arrested for an indoor marijuana grow that was around 156 planets. You can read about it in the Press Democrat. Instead of going into a long diatribe, how about I answer the top five questions that I've been asked in the last week.

1. Did you know the teacher?

-Barely, and not in a good way. He was one of the group that tried to toss the entire athletic program a couple of years ago,so I have no love lost for him. In terms of actually "knowing" him, I might have said five words to him in the last seven years at the school.

2. What do you think should be done?

-Simple. Like any citizen he should be given his right to due process. If found innocent he should be let go. If found guilty then the judge should throw the book at him.

3. Why hasn't he been fired from the school?

-Because you can't just fire someone for being accused of something, that's why. In this country there is a process of finding the accused guilty of a crime, and if the school just hauled off and fired an employee with no just cause, it wouldn't work out very well for the school. If he's found guilty, he'll be fired immediately, I would guess.

4. What surprises you the most about this matter?

-The shock. A school is a microcosm of the community it resides in. You think that the largest employer in Ukiah would be totally immune to the same ills that are pervasive to the rest of the town? If you are shocked then you are a fool.

5. Do you think that teachers should be drug tested?

-Yes, and I'll be the first one in line to take the test.
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