Monday, March 24, 2008


I would consider myself an engaging teacher.

However, here are the facts.........

-The current attendance discipline system at my school does not deter poor attendance, and actually creates alienation with the Administration building because we are supposed to constantly send kids up there.

-According to Ed Code, teachers may not punish a student by lowering a grade based on attendance. Grades are supposed to show the mastery of a specific subject matter area and attendance is not supposed to be taken into account.

-Funding for schools is based on Average Daily Attendance (ADA).

Here's the question:

Why have an attendance policy at all?

Those that cut are going to cut, serve the punishment, but the cut is still a cut according to the state for ADA. Students that are tardy for my class are sent to the office, which is idiotic for a Senior in high school, and will miss class and create alienation with the administration. However, I can't threaten a grade because its against Ed Code.

So why not drop attendance policies period? Write down the attendance, but ignore students that come in tardy and continue to teach. If they disturb the class, send them out for a disciplinary reason. But seriously, attendance policies have no bite, why fake like they really matter? Why not treat college prep Seniors like college students?
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