Thursday, March 20, 2008

Need help with media problem, asap

So I received this message from our Super yesterday:

"We have received a request from K.C. Meadows, editor of the Ukiah Daily Journal, seeking salary information from all UUSD employees for the calendar year 2007, including the employee's name, title, base salary, overtime, and other compensation. Based on California court decisions.......UUSD is legally required to disclose the requested information"

I then read a copy of letter that K.C. Meadows sent to the Lois Nash, our Super, and it was flat out rude and aggressive. There was the usual "openness in government is essential to democracy", with the addition to "public employees do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy in regards to salary". She then demanded a certain format for the records to be submitted to her and ended with "I expect your full compliance."

For the record, I could care if people know what I make. You can walk into the district office and figure out how much my salary is by reading a salary schedule. I think that it's the principle and the person that is requesting the information that is questionable. For those that haven't read my blog, K.C. Meadows is the editor of the Ukiah Daily Journal, and frequent basher of the school district and teachers. Her priorities have an interesting twist, like her recommendation of a pot garden on a plot of land kiddie corner from the high school, or her vehement protest against bringing the school up to standards with Title 9 or the Americans With Disabilities Act. Every so often she uses the newspaper to bash teachers and principals regarding every decision they make, thus creating the image that the school is somehow the worst institution in the community. Last year she spent months criticizing a bus driver for removing unruly kids from a school bus because the driver didn't want to put well behaved kids at risk.

Basically, she's a hack that is trying to create a crusade against the largest entity in town, the school. It's a soft target that can't hit back without looking bad, although our responsibility is 100 fold (taking care of kids) and her responsibility is stroking her ego in her piss-ant bird cage paper. If she's going after this information, it's probably with some sort of malice from that drug induced haze that she loves to promote.

Any suggestions or methods of dealing with her poking around in teacher's records?
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