Saturday, March 15, 2008

Live, from Emeryville, California!

You'd figure that if we are at the UC Berkeley Model United Nations that we would be staying in Berkeley. That isn't the case, but unlike last year, the road has been much smoother. Instead of staying in the nowhere that was the Doubletree Marina, we went down the road to the Emeryville Hilton. The hotel was just as nice, they comped us breakfast, and the road to the Cal is "the back way" (basically up Powell to Shadduck) instead of the mess that is University Ave.

I have 10 kids this year, down by half from last year. What this has created is a more cohesive group and a lack of the two cliques that formed last year within the single class. Everyone has been in good humor, even when tired. Committees are much more organized this year, with committee chairs putting up with no garbage. Last year saw some committees look like a scene out of Animal House. That is not apparent this year. The committees are a tad shorter, more intense, and more the most part, a little less crowded. The committees also visit each other (something that occurred at Stanford), and have started dealing with crisis situations. Students seem well engaged, with the exception of a student who is in a small committee with kids that are serious about their business, and this is only this delegate's second time.

Probably the best thing is having students show up at 5:30 in the afternoon, after being in session for 4 straight hours, having a ton of things to say. Some students get incredibly frustrated with the lack of knowledge from other delegates, others jump with glee about getting a sponsored resolution passed, while others gloat that they have built a coalition big enough to kill any resolution that is not to their liking. It is an excellent sign.

Looks like UC Davis Model UN in May is going to take off. Some students have already committed, although I'm sure that might change as graduation time moves closer. The question is whether or not this will be going next year. Budget cuts have it on the chopping block, a tragic consequence of idiot Arnold and his non-prioritizing budget methods.

Let's hope for the best.
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