Friday, March 28, 2008

Accept the Creator into your soul and thou shall be saved from homework

If you live in Larkspur, now is the time to find the Lord, or Allah, or whomever you would like to observe as the Grand Master in the pony show called life.

The district Board of Trustees is developing a set of guidelines for religious holiday observances that would eliminate homework, tests and other assignments on 10 major religious holidays. Only one of the holidays would be given as a district-wide day off, but students observing any of the holidays would not be responsible for make-up work.
Wow, doesn't this set a wonderfully idiotic precedent. I'm trying to find all the holes and problems in this issue and I keep coming to the primary issue yet again in mainstream is not the priority. Regardless of what the federal government wants to do with children being left behind or upside down or whatever damn thing, society does not want to own up to the fact that education is not entirely up to teachers, administrators, or the whole education system. It's a social issue, and the public doesn't care.

Not only is Larkspur dumping its educational priorities for religion, it's being selective about it in a way that actually discriminates against kids that don't observe religion. You have to observe the religion to be exempt from school work! Are you serious? Sorry Johnny, you don't worship a religious ideology, the work is due tomorrow. This reeks on so many levels.

I'm not an anti-religion nut either, so don't bother going down that road. I'm interested in putting the focus of the education system on the duty of educating kids. While many people promote the job of education going to local school boards, the result can end up like this, a selective process of religious discrimination that has nothing to do with education. I'm also not against the teaching of religion in schools. I'm a history teacher, how can the world's great religions not be taught. But the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment clearly talks about the Government not condoning a religion or condemning someone who is not religious. The Larkspur School District has ignored that and I hope the community steps up and makes education the priority.

Thanks to the Marin Independent.
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