Monday, February 25, 2008

Wireless hell

Once again, I bring about the question of how the teachers most dependent on technology were left farthest from it. This move is making me more and more aggravated. I just spent $60 on wireless in an attempt to get this wireless card into a 7 year old laptop to use the Internet in teaching my students. The router works fine. I found out this afternoon that the wireless card is not compatible with Windows 2000, the aged system that is on all of our computers. I need to pray that this other type of wireless system from McAfee will work with the system, but I've already spent hours on it this afternoon without success.

I know, it seems like some petty bitching. Fine. But we are talking about a method of teaching that I have found most successful. The Internet is such a wonderfully vast resource and I have been able to hone its use over the last seven years. Tomorrow I was going to put up pictures of Russian leaders, show kids the Economic Freedom Index, an example of Instant Runoff Elections (flash video), and the results of the 2006 Israeli Elections on Wikipedia. To try and make this work takes two to three times the amount of time and more patience than I have at this point.

God, I'm irritated.
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