Thursday, February 14, 2008

Property of .......(add boyfriend name here)

This year the Valentine's Day balloons are seriously out of control. Girls all around the school had huge mylar bladders that were the size of four standard balloons and were woven into all sorts of shapes and sizes. Usually the girls that had these balloons were in the paws of the "studs" that gave them the gift, either in a lip-lock or with the guy glaring at any male soul that dared look at the couple. It was the most interesting look at property marking. The quad looked like a pink pissing contest, with the ladies checking out each other's gifts and the guys staring down the male passersby.
My classroom became a pink paradise with candy and cards everywhere. The first thing out of my mouth to every class,

"There is no eating in class. If I see food, your grade will be impacted and I will tell your significant other that you are cheating on them. I'm in a foul mood this morning but will be much better when more people break up this afternoon. Have a nice day."

It was greeted to grins and giggles as they give me the "Grinch" treatment. My gift to them? An Economics test. Their gift to me? A 78% three class average and only 3 failures.

Happy Valentine's Day.
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