Tuesday, February 19, 2008

iPhone or not?

Our cell phone service is about to go bye-bye in the next month and it is decision time about the which Nazi style phone contract we are going to get stuck with. Right now we have Edge Wireless, which is essentially AT&T, and while the service on the phones is good, our phones have been lousy and when we wanted to go in and actually up our contract with new phones, we were told it was too early and that we would have to buy unlocked phones. We were not amused. However, this being Ukiah, our phone company options are fairly limited.

Two of my students own iPhones, the slick little device that is basically a cell phone, iPod, and small iMac all rolled up into a cute, black hand-held. The students were kind enough to demonstrate the iPhone, and then allowed me a little playtime, including surfing all those nifty sites that are blocked by the school guard dogs. Yes, guess what folks.....all those Internet censors are basically crap now because I was able to access my Facebook using the AT&T Internet service on iPhone. What a sweet little item.

But I'm not getting one and here's why.

First, the phone is connected to only AT&T with a two year agreement (unless you are in China, then it's China Mobile), and I happen to dislike AT&T at the moment. Add to that the news that the unlimited air-time cell phone war has begun, and it is a bad time to change over until the dust settles a little bit, especially when AT&T can't quite word its servicing agreements right (thanks to Valleywag for the link and picture).

Second is the price. I still can't force down $400 on a phone and then another $60 a month in charges just to get a fancy phone. In the end, it is just a phone and there are other competitors out there is very good products. In addition Apple is apparently going to release an updated version in June or in October, depending on the websites you believe. I need the technology a little longer than a couple of months to be viable.

So I might wait it out and see what the summer holds. The bummer is that the service does run out soon and we might be going in a different direction, like towards Verizon.
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