Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Give him a letter and he's good for another 5 years

Our Winter Awards Night ended on an immense high note last night.

I received one e-mail from a parent and one print letter from a family that were immensely flattering. It was exactly what I wanted to see after the horrible mess that occurred at the beginning of last year with all the crap politicking. The e-mail was addressed to me. A copy of the letter was sent to the principal, who thanked me for my services this season and seemed happy about receiving a letter that for once didn't ask for coaching heads.

To me it was the final sign that I was really doing something correct on the basketball court. I ended last season on a good note with good relationships with players and a winning record (20-6, tied for second in league), but I still had doubts looming about my ability as a coach. I think that part of that had to do with the lack of confidence that certain superiors had in me. This season I dove into the job, had an outstanding year with a group of fabulous kids, and had another successful season (20-6, second in league). The year invigorated me to keep going and made me look forward to next season. I haven't had a season do that in years.

So all it took was a couple of nice words. Obviously the paycheck doesn't matter, but the recognition and understanding that I coach because I want kids to become better adults really keeps me going. Thank God for this season. I needed it.
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